Screw Em All

As the days progress in the aftermath of the Penn State scandal, I become increasingly angry towards everyone involved in the situation. While the person I direct most of my anger towards is Jerry Sandusky himself, I find it hard not to criticize everyone, not only at Penn State, but in the fan base as well.

Screw the Fans.

How does the firing of a revered defensive coordinator not raise any eyebrows? Think about it this way. Let’s say that Bo Pelini was let go following LSU’s championship, one (much like Penn State’s) that was predicated on defense. If Bo Pelini was not wanted by any other college program, wouldn’t you be a little curious?

Screw the Coaches.

I have absolutely no doubt that every single coach on the Penn State football team knew about Jerry Sandusky’s actions. How couldn’t they? One of them even saw him sodomizing a 10 year-old! How none of them said anything just amazes me.

Screw the Charity.

I understand the Jerry Sandusky was the head of the charity, but there must have been some other administrators. It is absolutely sick that the man could run a charity as a front for his rapes. Speaking of his charity…

Screw JoPa.

I can tell you one thing for certain, if I had let an assistant coach go on the grounds of sexual assault on a child, I sure as hell wouldn’t put him in charge of a children’s charity. Also, not only did JoPa not raise a fist at Sandusky’s new ‘profession,’ he gave him the keys to the locker room. You see, normal men try to woo their dates with a hot car or maybe a bouquet of flowers but, when your date is a young football player, what better way to seduce him than to bring him into the locker room? Food for thought. Finally…

Screw the naysayers towards JoPa’s firing.

Let’s take a journey within the Big 10. Earlier this year, Jim Tressel, a fantastic coach still in the prime of his career, was fired for a cover-up. In his case, Tressel covered up for illegal benefits received by his players. Couple bucks here, couple bucks there, no big deal. As soon as the NCAA convicted Ohio State of the ‘crimes,’ everyone was calling for Tressel’s head! Now, with JoPa, he didn’t break any NCAA violations. In fact, he was sure to tell all recruits of his squeaky clean record. “Penn State has no allegations against them, ever.” In the midst of all this, JoPa is covering up (at least) 8 rapes within his own locker room. You tell me, what’s worse? Covering up the payment of college players? Or covering up the rape of numerous under-priviledged children?

I think it goes without question.

Screw em all.


2 comments on “Screw Em All

  1. Before you write a very strongly opinionated article criticizing many, you should make sure to get your facts straight. Sandusky retired, was not fired, which is a lot less suspicious, sometimes people just retire. There is a difference in being involved with a charity and being in charge of it, although he may have taken advantage of its close capacity. Also, I think it is completely and utterly unfair to blame the Penn State fans in this matter, as the only thing they are guilty of is turning JoePa into an idol of sorts. I would like to stress that Sandusky was not fired and much more of your argument here sucks.

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