Abusement Park Takes Home First Win

This Sunday the Abusement Park took home their first victory of the season.

After a tough first half, the Park erased a 12 point deficit, quieting the home fans. With straight shooting from Calvin Wood and fancy handles by Pat Herald, the Park took the opposition by storm.

After 12 first half points, the Abusement Park came on strong in the second half, scoring 48 points in the remaining 22 minutes. Jonny Baker led the charge for the Abusement Park.

By ‘going live’ in the second half, Baker fouled out within the first 6 minutes. Obviously infuriated by the elimination of their leading shooter, the Park began to rally.

The Park sent the game to overtime after a David Marshall 3-pointer and took their first lead during the period. Pat Herald sunk 2 clutch free throws to extend the lead to 2 only to have the lead erased on the next possession.

After a missed buzzer beater attempt, the Park worried that they would, once again, end the game in a tie. This time ’round however, the game entered a Sudden Death finale.

After Calvin Wood lost the first tipoff not taken by Tommy Volberding, the Park dug their heels in on defense. After forcing the turnover and displaying a pretty show of passing, the Park was given an out of bounds throw-in under the hoop. David Glazer inbounded the ball to Volberding and the gym fell silent.

The perviously 0-4 Volberding jumped, shot and the rest is history.

While the win was exhilarating, the festivities were tainted by the ongoing contract negotiations with Calvin Wood and Pat Herald.

More news to come.

By drinkthakoolaid Posted in Sports

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