Like This, Like That

In class, nothing pisses me off more than a peer with the ‘like disorder.’ How our generation began to accept the blatant misuse of the word, I don’t know; but I do know that is is pretty fucking annoying (yes it is regular annoying too).

For example, if I were to type out the transcript of a recent AP discussion, an excerpt may look like this

So um, when I was like reading and like I was trying to think about what Hamlet was like saying, I came to realize that he was like contemplating like suicide or like something like that. So um… (I lose recollection at this point due to the distracting overuse of like)

In the aforementioned quote, the word ‘like’ was used 7 times. Of these 7 times, one was in the correct context.

I do not understand how an AP student can fall victim to such a plague. The overuse of incorrect transition words truly taints the point that is being offered.

A recent study proves the unprofessionalism of using the word ‘like.’

“This study examined the use of hesitations and discourse markers such as “uh” and “like,” sex of an interviewee, and professional or student participants on hiring decisions of job interviewees. Participants consisted of 105 students between the ages of 18 to 43 years and 71 professionals between the ages of 22 to 76 years (120 women, 56 men). Adult professionals and students were least likely to want to hire, perceived the applicant as less professional, and were less likely to recommend the interviewee for hiring if the interviewee overused the word “like” compared to “uh” or control. Professionals were less likely than students overall to want to hire interviewees across conditions. Sex of the interviewee was not found to be significant.”

You hear that? Now get a fucking clue.


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