Point: Creighton Basketball is Loaded as Fuck

What exactly is loaded as fuck?  How about you go to a game and find out.

Oh wait, it might be difficult to get a decent seat as Creighton averaged 13,500 fans a game last year, 22nd in the nation…IN A DOWN YEAR.  Creighton averaged 4,000 more per game last year than all other Division I basketball teams in Nebraska combined.  And before judging and assuming Creighton is the same inconsistent, soft team of the past two years think again.

Though it is only two games into the season, the Jays are already off on a blazing pace and are clearly a much different team.  While playing weak teams they have still shown to be strong in areas that plagued them last year, mainly defense and rebounding.  They have also pushed the pace, scoring a school record 192 points through two games and they have accessorized to complement their jerseys as well.

Creighton’s main strength lies within its three Missouri Valley Player of the Year contenders (The Big Blue Trio).  Doug McDermott, last year’s Valley Newcomer of the Year scored the most points for a freshman in the 104 year history of the MVC.  This year, after having spent the summer being the third-leading scorer for the U19 Team USA “Dougie” is back for more, working more on his outside game and looking much bigger as well.  Gregory Echenique, the 270 pound behemoth with glasses from Venezuela, who is affectionately known as “El Hombre Pinche Grande” will be a key contributer as well.  He is massive, and after taking a year off due to eye issues, his skills are looking up as he has been spending more time out of the paint in the first couple of games.  The final member of the BBT is 4-year starter Antoine (Twan) Young who has a very well-rounded inside-outside game and is fast as fuck.

Creighton also has exceptional depth at all positions, returning at guards are the versatile, though streaky Josh Jones and Jahenns Manigat (the Canadian Cobra due to his snake-like look and the way he models the game of Snake Lehr), both of which are highly skilled at the art of the 3-Ball.  Newcomers are freshmen Austin (A-Chat) Chatman and Avery (A-Ding) Dingman (whom ESPN named one of the best freshmen three point shooters in the nation).  Backup forwards are Ethan Wragge, the deadliest 3-pt shooter in da league and 6’11” Will Artino (Wart), both of which figure to be major playas (and players) this year.  Also the X-Factor is Grant Gibbs, in case you didn’t know.

So basically, to sum it all up, Creighton is looking like they’re the shit again.  With a fuckton of 3-Point shooters and the size and depth that was lacking last year, the Jays should be able to play the way Coach Mac wants this year.  The Jays have their first major test tonight, playing at UAB, and it will be interesting to see how it goes.  Am I hyping the Jays up to unrealistic expectations?  Definitely.  Are they still pretty fucking good?  Yes.

Update to follow after the game.  Until then, chingar a sus madres y piensa sobre mi. ~Chachi

UPDATE: Creighton beat UAB 70-60 tonight in a game full of momentum changes.  The Jays had the edge early until midway through the second half where UAB came back from twelve down to take the lead.  Creighton was lead by Doug McDermott who played a stellar game, scoring 27 points while shooting 61% from both inside and outside.  He also had 7 rebounds.  Gregory Echenique scored 8 points to go along with his 10 rebounds, but the X-Factor (Grant Gibbs) is the player who came through for Creighton in the clutch.  Gibbs filled out the stat column with 5 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists not to mention countless hustle plays. The main issue for Creighton today was poor shooting on all fronts and the many untimely turnovers.  This was UAB’s first home loss in a non-conference game in 6 years.  The Jays’ next game is at Iowa on Sunday in Des Moines.

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