Recently, I have been reading a lot about “dirtbags.” As far as I can tell, everyone on this website creates posts with terrible grammar. Technically, it is a dirt bag. See that space? That’s how it should be done. Also, enough of this derogatory language towards soil. If you are working with the minerals of the Earth, kindly refer to it as soil. “Dirt” has negative implications that suggest a poor mix of soil with a high sulfur content or something of that nature. I have included a picture of aforementioned bag of soil to be used as a reference:

That being said, I have picked up that there may be an alternative meaning to the word “dirtbag.” As far as I can ascertain, it refers to an unsavory individual. In a more abstract sense, it can be used to compare a person to a bag of soil, which, needless to say, is highly disturbing. That being said, I think we should stop the use of the word dirtbag, because to the best of my knowledge, the young man in question is indeed a person and has feelings. And I don’t like hurt feelings.


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