Counter: U mad doe?

A recent article was posted criticizing a certain fantasy football owner. This owner has done nothing but follow the rules of the league in order to better his and occasionally other owner’s teams. As fantasy football is a competition, it is only natural that each owner would do whatever it takes to bring home the championship; it’s only fair to both the owners and the players to have this attitude. Seriously, when a fantasy owner proposes any trade, they know they are screwing a team over. If both parties thought it was fair, there would be no reason to trade.

As for the accused “Dirtbag,” he prides his team on success, has had playoff berths 3 out of his 4 years of play and two trips to the championship. Both lost primarily to the fact that his players and their personal teams were so outstanding that they chose to take a few weeks off prior to the NFL playoffs.

From the way I see it, this writer is projecting, he is having the worst season of his career. How is he handling this you may ask? By complaining about the new league leader. No creative schemes, or attempts at “Marshalling” the system for another shot at the title. Even through his great success, the accused knows that nothing is set in stone. Most teams that score 200+ points would be satisfied and leave their team as is. But not him. He continues to innovate and try to find new ways to further his already phenomenal team’s accomplishments.

I believe that this writer is merely “mad doe.” He is disillusioned to the fact that his team is even decent, when in fact he is not even in the top half of the considerably weaker division. He lives through his past successes, and fails to adapt to the present, which is why he will not be successful.  He sees others harnessing the fruits of success which he is accustomed to and cannot handle the fact that his time is over, and the accused time is now.

I will end with this, nuff said:


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