The Trash Lady

What can I say?

First off, I don’t understand why our tax money is paying someone to walk around and pester students for their trash. NO! I do NOT want to throw out my uneaten piece of pizza! And no, I am not finished with this un-peeled banana!

For goodness sake, if we are trying to run a charity by giving elderly addicts monotonous jobs, I would much rather have the trash lady waiting to open the seemingly always locked senior lot doors.

If we have to proceed to the trash can to deposit our tray anyways, we don’t need the added ‘convenience’ of a dedicated trash lady. Also, there is nothing worse than hearing about the sexual experiences of a old, dirty trash lady while eating… or ever!

If we set a precedent that the school can spare a janitor to fulfill a useless role, we should have squeaky clean hallways, classrooms and, most importantly, bathrooms. Since we have none of the aforementioned 3 ‘luxuries,’ I motion to remove the Trash Lady.

Who’s with me?


One comment on “The Trash Lady

  1. Para empezar I do agree with you in the aspect that having a trash lady is very aggravating. To think that this lady is going around and collecting prospective food of mine FOR THE TRASH is appalling. However she can be helpful around the school and is in fact a nice lady, however disturbing she can occasionally be.

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