No one likes flying next to babies or small children on an airplane.  New airline seating policies have created “baby ghettos” in the back of airlines for babies, young children, and their parents.  Parents are also having trouble sitting with their children on flights, which not only creates problems for the parents and for the children, but for the stranger who feels responsible for that child during the flight.  

Baby travel cannot be eliminated because just like everyone else, babies travel, so until now the problem of babies on airplanes has been viewed as a necessary one.  Not anymore.  If a new all-baby airline was created, not only would this problem cease to exist, but baby travel would be much more efficient method of travel.  Seeing as about three hundred and fifty people can fit in a Boeing 747, I calculate about one thousand six hundred babies could sit comfortably on this plane with adjusted seating.  Here are my calculations: One baby is about equal to four people, so if three hundred fifty people can fit on a 747, three hundred fifty times four babies per person means one thousand four hundred babies are able to fit on Boeing 747.  The extra two hundred baby capacity comes from the luggage compartments, which would also be converted into seating as babies likely do not have luggage.  To ensure the optimal service for these babies, the airline should be run by babies, for babies, and for babies only.  

The baby airline would be called Baby on Board and would have flights to all major airports in America.  The increased capacity would drive down the cost of air travel, enabling babies to travel on airplanes very frequently and beginning an entirely new industry, Baby Airlines.  An ambitious investor could give this idea some staying power and make bank or something.

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