You want to know what really grinds my gear?  Abuse.  I was really close to writing a post on haters, because of all the hating that has been happening on this site, but this morning I turned on the television and saw on ESPN another sex abuse scandal at a university.  This time it was Syracuse.  Are you kidding me?  What is up with universities and kids getting molested?  In this case, according to ESPN, the kids who were abused were the ball boys for the basketball team.  Come on universities, step up your game and hire some non-predators for your athletic teams!


2 comments on “Abuse

  1. seriously! How many people can there be that like having sex with children? Maybe once you get to a certain age the appeal of having sex with your own age range dissolves and children take that place… whatever happens its fucked up man. Good insight vaginemachine. (pronounced vageen)

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