School Doors and Douchebags

So yesterday I decided that since the senior lot doors are always locked it would be smart to enter via the doors by the jock lot.  A friend and I were going to basketball practice at school and the practice was going to start in 10 minutes.  We arrived at the jock lot doors and what do you know, they’re locked.  Are you kidding me?  Is the school afraid that crazy people are going to break into the school at 5:20 in the evening?  Apparently so because those doors were locked AF.

At this point I’m sure you are wondering where I encountered some douchebags.  So my friend and I are standing outside the doors looking inside the school and lucky for us there were 2 janitors standing probably 30 feet away from the door.  We began to bang on the doors to let us in.  They looked at us and they turned away.  Wow, thanks douchebags.  Then 4 girls walked out of the band hallway and I thought, “ok they will definitely let us in.”  Sadly, these girls were douchebags as well.  In fact, they acknowledged us with a wave, started laughing and walked away.  Lastly, a certain blonde teacher walked up to the doors and told us to go around.  Why can’t you just open the doors for us, jesus christ!  So we ran around to the front of the school entered the band hallway and ran into all 3 parties of douchebags.

The first party was the group of girls, one of which said, “Oh, you wanted us to let you in!”  She then tripped walking up the steps, so she must have had some walking problems, which is probably why she couldn’t open the door for us.  Then the blonde teacher walked up to us, she asked me, “Where are you going?” I responded to this is in a calm yet angry voice, “We have basketball practice, by the way thanks for letting us in…”  She then walked away.  Lastly, the janitors just continued their conversation without even noticing we were walking past.  I didn’t feel as mad about the janitors not helping us though since they clean up after 2,000 ridiculous teenagers everyday, I figure they have it hard enough.



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