Song of the Day: November 17th

Selena Gomez first burst onto the Scene as a 14 year old wizard on the Disney Channel show Wizards of Waverly Place, which is currently in the middle of its fourth and final season.  Her song, Hit the Lights, is our song of the day.

In the four years between her first taste of fame, she has matured as an actress, musically and most notably physically.  She has starred in a film (Monte Carlo) and with her band, The Scene, had a platinum single: Who Says.

Today’s song of the day is her newest single off of her album When the Sun Goes Down, and it sticks with the motivational theme seen in her earlier works.  Hit the Lights is much more danceable and uptempo, but still manages to retain the positive empowering vibe of Who Says.  The lyrics are about living a life with NO REGRETZ!!!1! and not being afraid to take risks.  However, it maintains a wholesome message that appeals to every single human being with a beating heart and a soul.  This is the sort of song that would be great at a school dance and due to its positive message, enjoyable sound and attractive band leader it earns a 6/5.

See the video here

Download at

Con mucho amor ~Chachi

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One comment on “Song of the Day: November 17th

  1. dam. Selena just matured a shit ton in this song… AND I LIKE IT

    It definitely doesn’t match up to her last track “Who Says”, but this one will for sure will be a club banger and I feel that it could also be a song played while banging selena. I truly feel that she is sending a subliminal message to me that she wants me to just hit the lights and make love to her.

    great post chachira!!!

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