BCS Craziness!!!

So I’m sitting in senior project and I think to myself, “Why not spend my time writing an article for tainted.  The teacher will think I’m actually typing my senior project and I don’t have to be bored out of my mind!”  So here we go:

Unless you don’t pay any attention to sports at all I’m sure that you have heard of all of the BCS turmoil as of late.  Oklahoma State and LSU seemed to be destined for a championship collision until Iowa State got in the way.  So now the top 3 teams in the BCS standings are all in the SEC; LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas.  Adding to the craziness is the upcoming matchup between LSU and Arkansas.  How are we, the fans, supposed to know if the right team is going to make the championship?

As long as LSU stays undefeated they should definitely make the championship, but what if they lose.  Do there numerous quality wins outweigh the late season loss?  I think the only way we could riddle our way out of this BCS mess would be college football playoffs, but I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.  For now we just have to live with the fact that this college football season is pretty outrageous.


4 comments on “BCS Craziness!!!

  1. I think your idea of a playoff is absolutely terrible. The regular season should mean something, unlike a stupid playoff format where the whole season only determines your seed in the playoffs. DUMB.

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