Presentations and school computers

I was sitting in Spanish class listening to an extraordinarily boring presentation by David Glazer and I realized “FUCK! I HAVE A BACKGROUND” I knew that in about 5 minutes I would have to plug my computer into the damn projector dongle and my desktop picture might be gone forever.

As I sat in extreme boredom I considered my options, should I tell Varguez that I cant go today? no I knew that was a poor choice… SHIT! I really wanted to keep my background but my time was running out. I decided I would take my chances and inserted the dongle into the hole. The moment the dongle entered the black abyss my majestic, blue eyed snow leopard which inspired me to great accomplishments was gone, and now I get the privilege of staring at the fucking Westside High School One to One program bullshit. What is the rationale of not allowing us to have our own background? At least let us pick from the ones provided by Apple! Oh how I hate our school computers, and FUCK projectors!

Lastly, Oliver is a pussy.


4 comments on “Presentations and school computers

  1. Thanks joebabymama, I appreciate it. and made4thestreets where have you been all my life!? Lastly vageenmachine, I know! thats what I’m saying!

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