Sooooo….. the other day in the tough abusement park loss, there were definitely some highlights that show the potential of the abusement park squad.  One of these highlights was the swat that came during the 3rd quarter when the abusement park team was in the process of going live.

We were able to interview the “Assassin” , AKA “Turd Ferguson”, about the swat he had.  “Well, I saw the Dark Shadows twatstain was going up for a layup.  I was not about to let that happen in my lane.  So I imagined that the ball had raped my on true love, Jessie.  I looked back and saw her sitting in the stands. My rage built up inside.  I jumped up, wound up my arm, and unleashed the fury on the basketball.  The ball then bounced off the backboard and across the whole gym, almost scoring three points for us in the process.  The adrenaline was almost too much to handle. It felt good.”

This swat goes down in history as top 5 greatest swats in abusement park history.  We hope to see more that the Assassin has to offer later this year.


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