8 (Slightly Irrelevant) Sports facts

Currently I am in senior project and bored AF.  I have two options: actually do my senior project, or write an article for my fellow tainted aficionados.  Guess which one I’m choosing? 😛

The topic of this article is an update on sporting news that you probably don’t care about, but I’m guessing you’ll probably still read it because if you are on Taintit you are probably bored as well ;D.

1.  If you haven’t heard, Creighton basketball is now ranked 25th in the Coaches poll.  They also completely thrashed Iowa, at one point being up by 33.  Many are already calling Creighton this year’s BYU with Doug McDermott averaging over 20 a game.  I won’t elaborate on this much, but expect an extended feature later in the season.

2.  My fantasy team lost this week, continuing its three week slide.  This is probably because I have been starting two Chiefs players.

3.  Justin Verlander doubled up with both a Cy Young award and the MVP award.  He definitely deserved both as he pretty much was the Tigers.

4.  Jay Cutler broke his thumb.  This sucks for Da Bears as they are currently in line for a playoff spot, despite being third in their division.  Backups are Caleb Hanie, who has a very bad last name, and Nathan Enderle, a North Platte, NE native.

5.  Sidney Crosby came back for his first game in forever after suffering a concussion.  Apparently he played pretty well too.  I am glad of this, because even though I don’t particularly care for hockey, Crosby is the Kevin Durant of hockey, and it would suck if Kevin Durant missed almost a full year of basketball.

6. ….Oh wait.  The NBA lockout is still going on.  Due to its fun watchability, many stars, and how last season was the most exciting NBA season since the 90s the NBA is my favorite professional sports league.  It’s really disappointing how we are unable to have a season this year, the NBA seemed prime to overtake baseball as the second most popular sport in America.  The other day I turned on ESPN on a tuesday night and nothing was on,  I thought of the NBA and just SMH’d.

7.  This Syracuse thing seems like the accuser is lying.  However, I don’t want to say anything more because if he isn’t then I will look like an insensitive Asshole.

8.  Those who were in Spanish class today already know, but for those who weren’t I balled at ¡Basta!  I won 3 of 6 rounds and even better Jota didn’t win any.  I also said “fuck” in spanish (joder, chingar) a few times and Sr. Varguez didn’t care.  Having fun playing ¡Basta! which is essentially Scattergories reminded me of an idea.  Sometime we should have a game night, like with board games – not video games.


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3 comments on “8 (Slightly Irrelevant) Sports facts

  1. Sorry foodvulture13, I guess I was misleading. I definitely inferred the word JODER when we did jota, but I guess I didn’t ever actually say it out loud.

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