NFL: Quarterbacks

I once again find myself sitting in Senior Project… time to write another post.  I have decided that since it is kind of hard to think of articles to write I will allow myself one week to think of possible things to write about for Tainted, then I will use the quality time that the evil senior project teacher gives me to write a post.

This weeks post is about the NFL, and more specifically the quarterbacks who are looking good and not so good.

Tom Brady: Brady looked like a beast yesterday against the Philadelphia Eagles.  He was able to hook-up with many different wide-receivers, and once again made me feel like an ass for benching Deion Branch.

Vince Young:  Against the Patriots on Sunday Young looked pretty impressive actually.  If it weren’t for Desean Jackson’s inability to catch a touchdown pass the Young could have had 3 TD passes instead of just one.

Tim Tebow: Tebow has gone from third string in the preseason to starter extraordinaire for the Broncos.  Since the game against Detroit, Tebow hasn’t made very many mistakes, which is why the Broncos have found success.  If Tebow can keep this up I think he can lead Denver to the playoffs.

Caleb Hanie: Yikes.  The Bears don’t seem to be in nearly as good of a position with Cutler out and Hanie in.  3 interceptions in a game is going to lead to a loss almost every time.  Unless Hanie can play a little better things are looking grim for Chicago.

Tyler Palko: Palko did have a few too many turnovers last night in their low-scoring nail-biter against the Steelers.  Things did look promising for a while, however, for the Chiefs as it seemed that Palko might be able to lead them in a touchdown drive in the final minute of the game.  Sadly, Palko was picked-off, on what I would consider I lack of effort shown by Dwayne Bowe on the pass.

I would write about more quarterbacks, but some people have complained about the lengths of my posts, so I have decided to only talk about some of the more interesting QB’s from yesterday.


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