Creighton 76, Nebraska 66 (Recap)

The first thing to mention in regards to this game is that the CenturyLink Center went live for the first time.  After a disappointing couple of years Creighton fans had reduced in number and intensity of cheering, but with the resurgence of the team has come a resurgence of fans, including a legit 16,500 that showed on Sunday.  A portion of this noise would have to be attributed to Nebraska fans, but only roughly 10% because that’s the percentage of the arena that was red.

The story of the game was largely the battle between the dominant stars from each team: Bo Spencer from Nebraska and Doug “Dougie” McDermott for the Jays.  Each lived up to their billings with Spencer scoring a game high of 29 points on 10-16 shooting with 5 rebounds and 3 assists to go with.  McDermott had 24 points on 9-15 shooting and 12 rebounds, many of each coming in a crucial late game stretch that put the game away for the Bluejays.

The turning point of the game was midway through the second half when the dirty Cornhuskers finally got called for a foul in the lane and then pouted about it, gaining 2 technical fouls in the process.  Regardless of Doc Sadler’s intentions, he should’ve known better and stayed in his box.  He broke a rule and the refs called it right.  After Dougie made 3 of the 4 technical shots, Grant “The X-Factor” Gibbs contributed 2 more sending what had been a Nebraska lead a couple of minutes earlier into a Bluejay advantage.  From here, the Jays never looked back, winning by 10 but controlling the pace of the game.

To the Cornhuskers’ credit they played very tough defense, a style that Creighton hadn’t seen all season, and it disrupted the vaunted Bluejay offense greatly.  Creighton had 17 turnovers and scored 13 points under their season average.  However, besides Bo Spencer all of the other Huskers blew major dick except for Jorge Brian Diaz who only sucked on the metaphorical tip.

For the Bluejays, Twan Young was impressive going 10-10 from the freethrow line and “The Canadian Cobra” Jahenns Manigat played an efficient game. The X-Factor astounded again filling the stats column with 11 points, 6 rebounds, 3 steals and 3 assists.  He also racked up an astounding 13 hustle plays giving him a double-double.  Also with a double-double was Dougie, who became the first Jay of my lifetime to have 3 double-doubles in a row.  Though some haters may indeed hate, Dougie is a legitimate All-America candidate as he is 5th in the nation in scoring, plays for an undefeated team, averages 9 rebounds a game while being only 6′ 7″ and is indubitably efficient.  He makes all kinds of crazy layups, and is shooting 63% with 56.5% from 3 (both top 30 in the nation)  while being double-teamed often.

Where do the Jays go from here?  Next they play a road game at St. Joseph’s who has already beaten two major conference teams this year before coming home to play a game against admittedly awful Houston Baptist. In this Jays season there will be ups and downs, right now we are at a very high up and I am enjoying it.  Any questions post in the comments, have an (*) at the beginning if you would like a sarcastic answer, or leave it without for a real reply.  And please, no more twitter beef, that shit is annoying as fuck.

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