Creighton and Nebraska

Why do people get so fired up over whether it is acceptable to support both Creighton and Nebraska.  It is obvious that Creighton is having one of it’s better basketball seasons this year, and Nebraska football is also having a pretty good year.  As both a resident of Omaha and Nebraska I feel like it should be acceptable to root for both teams.

Sadly, many others do not agree with me.  I have heard of Creighton fans who cheer against Nebraska just to spite Nebraska, and I have heard of Nebraska fans who cheer against Creighton basketball just to spite Creighton.  If only we could all just get along.

Alas, I found the solution to the question philosophers have pondered for millennia, “who should Omaha residents root for, Creighton or Nebraska?”  My answer is exquisite in it’s simplicity.  We should cheer for neither.  Recently another school that is both located in Omaha and in Nebraska has entered division one athletics, and that school in the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO).  The Maverick’s transition into division 1 basketball is looking good after the UNO Mavs almost pulled off an upset of epic proportions against Michigan State, 110-68.  I have attended one of the Maverick’s home games and was a little disappointed in the student turnout (the only UNO student I saw in the stands was Tiras).  If the writers and vast number of followers of Tainted start showing up to these basketball games, I think the Mavs can pull their season around, and have a good shot at making the NCAA Tournament.


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