Favorites Prevail

As Fantasy football is winding down for the week it appears all superior records will remain victorious… except one that is. BigFin (7-5) takes down DezHighant (8-4). Enough about that.

As week 13 shapes up, the playoff picture becomes a little more predictable. In a 14 team league playoffs is a little tougher to make… but because of the commish… we have an 8 team play-off which makes it easier than normal. ¬†Not alot of confidence from the “new year champ”

Having a solid season in first place is Private Dave and will retain his #1 spot in the playoffs. In the other division of “tits” Team 420 refuses to give up that #1 spot, and i give him much credit for that. If he can win next week against “team on my back doe” he will lock up that # 2 spot in the playoffs.

Here’s when it gets awfully close. fighting for that 3rd place spot with an (8-5) record, drawing the #6 seed in the first round of the playoffs and unable to meet “team aaron rodgers” ¬†until the championship is “team on my back doe,” he has a difficult matchup week 14 as he plays Team 420 who has dominated his past few opponents including a demoralizing win against the league top dog. David marshall. The other 8-5 teams are Dez Highant and BigFin. Both of these teams have shown character and courage all season long. Dez highant is in a deceiving matchup this week against Team comeback who has had a poor season but has been known to put out some season breaking lineups. I guess we will see what he can do this week. BigFin, the reigning champion of the league from last years astonishing 13-1 record will be play Team determination. BigFin started the year off slow due to championitis. Maybe he didnt have Arian Foster and Peyton Hillis on the same this year, but he did have one of the more solid pickups of the year this season. Timothy Raymond Tebow. He has led BigFin to a 5 and 2 record to end the season and named a top contender in the league once again. But it’s all about the match-ups this week. In week 7 Team determination took down BigFin with a whopping 31 points from Michael Vick… Vick has suffered which looks like a season ending injury at this rate, but he is still week to week.

Due to points if all 8-5 teams win, BigFin receives the #3 seed and leaves Dez with #4 and “team on Back doo” with #5 seed.

There are currently 6 teams with records of 7-6 or 6-7, and only 3 Spots available… heart will determine the rest. these match ups and analysis will come out later this week. Stay tuned.


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