The 5th Quarter Dance

As many of you may know, this Saturday marks the date of the first (annual?) 5th Quarter Dance. Hosted by marketing students, this dance is sure to be a success. What’s more, the dance will be DJed by your own DrinkThaKoolAid and JoeBabyMama.

 In honor of the surly successful dance, I decided to create a list of Do’s and Don’ts at the dance. The list is below.

Cut a rug (multiple preferably)
The Jonny Bravo
Run a mid-dance tip drill
Walk the dog
The stanky legg 
Wear any clothes
Request any Soulja Boy (One song is enough)
Exit the dance WITHOUT massive pit sweat
Jizz in your pants
Feel restricted by girlfriends
Do the cat daddy 

In addition, I included a list of songs that will not be played. Most of the following are for obvious reasons but, if you wondered about any of them, they are probably by Lil B or 50 Cent.

Candy Shop
All That Jizz
Wonton Soup
Window Shopper
Bill Belemy 
Never Gonna Give You Up
F*** Tha Police
Pretty Boy
Play The Game
Juicy 😉
Why We Rape
Baby By Me
Fat Bitch
F*** You
Hate It Or Love It (G-Unit Version)
Lick It Off

As long as you follow the advice listed above, you are sure to have a great, fun dance. I look forward to seeing you there.

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3 comments on “The 5th Quarter Dance

  1. Fair warning I may do the cat daddy. My icon is a big cat and i am daddy.
    On anther note I will definitely be cutting some rugs. Looking forward to it drinktakoolaid and joebabymama. Goodluck fellas!

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