The Ass Division

As many of you may have noticed, there is an obvious divide between the two divisions in this year’s fantasy league. This is very evident when you look at the standings…

Any fantasy football expert can tell you that one can determine the prowess of a team’s opponent by the points against (PA) category. Considering that there is no way that you can play defense against your opponent in fantasy football, (unless you’re me 🙂 (but I still haven’t done that)) the points against category shows how good a team’s opponents truly are.

Looking at the screenshot below, I would encourage one to tell me that the Tits division is not many times harder than the Ass division. Now I said this from day 1, when I would accept criticism of my theory, but now, with only 1 week left, the differential is no coincidence. As it appears below, EVERY SINGLE TEAM IN THE ASS DIVISION has less points against than EVERY TEAM IN THE TITS DIVISION.

This leads me to say that, aside from team Aaron Rogers, every team in the Ass division is weak AF. This blatant difference really grinds my motha-fuckin gears.


5 comments on “The Ass Division

  1. By looking at this it is apparent that Dave is a Tit’s man. I myself am a tits man. However I believe the good man Alex Vanlent is quite the fan of ass.

  2. Team Aaron Rodgers agrees with the statements made in this post, and would like to add that Team Aaron Rodgers should have its own division due to the current division competitors being “weak AF”

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