Student Section Update: Game 3 vs. Central

This upcoming matchup pins the Warriors against the number one ranked Central Eagles.  This means the Warrior Student Section is going to need to be stronger than ever to help propel the Warriors to victory.  This game’s theme is whiteout.  Expect many extravagant outfits and a lot of craziness.  We have a few fan updates to share for you…

After suffering a two game suspension, crazy fan Thomas Volberding looks probable for this game.  We expect to see Tommy at full strength going nuts and coming up with some clever chants.


Mississippi native Tyler Schuster is listed as doubtful for this matchup.  Big Schu has suffering flu like symptoms for the past few days and is not expected to attend.


Max Lawlor, after missing last weeks game due to personal reasons, was listed as a go for this game.  However, his absence from statistics class raises many questions.  We will be sure to provide more information as we learn more details.


David Glazer is also listed as probable for the game.  After going home sick yesterday, many were wondering if he was going to be able to make it to the game.  However david is having full participation in school today and is expected to be a strong participator in cheering and other rowdy activities.


Alex Van Lent is also expected to attend the game tonight.  We received reports that Alex was coming down with a sickness as of Thursday.  However, Alex silenced any doubts by saying, “I ain’t no pussy.  Expect to see me at the game bitches.”


Although the game is at Central, we are expecting a strong Westside turnout at the game. Hopefully, the heart and pride of the Warrior fan base will help propel the team to an upset.


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