The Coccyx usually refered to as the tailbone is one part of the human anatomy I do not understand. Most physical features of the human are useful in at least some manner, but the coccyx, nope!

I would venture to guess that many of you readers have at one point in time bruised your tailbone, and if so you would agree with me that it SUCKS! and if you haven’t then you need to get your ass out in the world and live a little! I have injured my tailbone on numerous occasions and it blows to say the least. What i don’t understand first of all is why don’t humans have tails?!? That would be super bad ass. I would hope to have the tail of a snow leopard to achieve maximum balance, we could then probably climb trees with relative ease. However somewhere down the line some dumb ass gorillas decided to start walking on two feet. So I hope for my children’s sake that we either develop tails in the next few years or get some softer cartilage type stuff to make up our coccyx so it is less susceptible to injury. Also lets not forget it is because of the Coccyx that Napolean Dynamite’s Grandmother is injured and uncle Rico has to come and live with Napolean and Kip, and he easts all their steak! Man Coccyx’s are the worst.


3 comments on “Tailbones

  1. truth. I hurt my coccyx over the weekend crowd surfing at that 5th quarter dance, and have been suffering ever since. tailbones are gay af af af afaf

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