The REAL Highlights of the Park Game

Contrary to popular belief, there were actually many highlights from the Abusement Park game on Sunday,  specifically made by #:O.  Max “Yola Mayne” “Go Hard” “Chachi” Lawlor led the Abusement Park team with 9 points (by his count) and 30 minutes played.  He also had a large variety of rebounds and grunts and the team’s only assist.  MYMGHCL’s unrelenting effort and fearless balling caused him to  impress the other team into them thinking he was our best player, though that is true in reality as well.  The other team actually guarded him in the fourth quarter, unlike any other Park member.  The other team respected him so much that they complemented his bulging thigh muscles after he removed his beautiful looking brown corduroys.  The only downside to his game was that he looked like a MegaTwat when he entered the game.

Next season, MYMGHCL is poised to finally breakout of his mold and become the YMCA’s leading scorer.  He is likely to have all three of his numbers retired as well.  Stay tuned for more information on this transcendental player


By chachiramos5 Posted in Sports

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