Tim Tebow

Since the dawn of man sports reporters have been talking about how Tim Tebow is not fit for the NFL.  These critics have said, “his footwork isn’t NFL quality” and, “His throwing motion is too long!”  Well sports reporters I think it’s time that you faced the facts.

Tim Tebow is a beast when he wants to be.  My best guess for what happened this Sunday in Denver’s game against the Bears is that Tim Tebow was bored, so he decided to let the Broncos fall down 10 nothing and he decided not to start trying until there were about 3 minutes left in the game.  Tebow then did what he has been doing since he started, winning.

Tim Tebow seemed like a god on the football field on Sunday, which leads me to my next point.  Tim Tebow must be god in a human body.  Think about it, he wins a ton of football games but not too many football games to make people suspicious that he is a god.  He also goes to help poor kids in the Philippines, and have you seen his arms?  If god took the body of a human he would have Tim Tebow sized muscles.  In conclusion, Tim Tebow is God, so if we don’t want to go to hell, we damned well better root for the Denver Broncos.


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