TruthPoint: Tim Tebow Philosophy

Here’s the truth, Tim Tebow truly believes that all of his actions are out of his reach. He believes in the power of god, and therefore when he throws 3 completions in 16 passes before heading into the fourth quarter, it is god’s will. It has no impact on him, or how he will finish the game. Embracing this outrageous philosophy, Tebow is able to go out and play “knowing” that in the end, god will guide him to victory (rather than leading starving african children to food).

Of course this is ridiculous, but you can’t argue with results. It would seem “the lord works in mysterious ways,” as Tim Tebow is supposed to be a horrible NFL quarterback, but he keeps winning. You can’t explain that, so bam there it is the existence of god. If we can’t explain it, it must be god…..

Also, Predictions for this weeks fantasy playoffs match ups are as follows (Winners in bold) :

#1 Aaron Rodgers (11-3) vs #8 Team Determination (7-7)

Projected score: 169-127

With the PackAttack at KC, expect large production out of Rodgers and J. Nelson. Combine that with the poor defenses of TB, NE, and Min lined up against some of Rodger’s all stars, and its safe to say 169 may be an understatement. Team Determination showed promise towards the end of the season, just clinching the last spot in the playoffs during the last week. However with a majority of his players at defenses of the Jets, Bears, Cowboys, Lions, and 49ers, there is not much hope. The much struggled for extension of a season ends for team determination immediately.

#5 Big Fin (8-6) vs #4 DEZ HIGHANT (9-5)

Projected score: 175-170

This is the game of the week in my opinion, both these teams have the ability to go off with so many stars playing a variety of horrible defenses. Both teams will certainly have several high scorers, but the almost unavoidable (exclude Team Aaron Rodgers) blunder from one or two of their players will end their season this week. Big Fin gets the W here with a stronger overall line-up and a 2-0 record against HIGHANT in the regular season.

#6 New Year New Champ (8-6) vs #3 Put Da Team On My Back Doo (9-5)

Projected score: 127-113

Expect Put Da Team On My Back Doo, not to really put the team on his back but somehow manage to limit his opponent to a low amount of points. It must be pure intimidation. He holds the #1 defensive spot for limiting his opponents to an average of just over 100 over 14 weeks. In actuality, expect Brees to be done attacking the Vikings early and the saints to ride this one out easy, along with running backs Green-Ellis and Matthews at tough defenses of the ravens and jets. Also, Gayzer deserves to lose.

#7 Papa Don’t Make No Mess vs #2 Team 420

Projected score: 145-122

Team 420 is falling apart, probably as there is no quarterback to hold the team together. Papa however, is on the rise and will be getting an upset this week and making it to at the least round 2. I attribute this mostly to Gronk, look for him to make the big plays against denver this week while Welker gets the most attention from the all star secondary.


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