Worst part of school

Soo… we all know that school sucks. There are many bad things about school.  However, I think that possibly the worst part about school is the fact that I can’t poop whenever I want to.  

Right now I am sitting in class with only two minutes left.  I have tests the next three mods until the end of the day and I am prairie doggin it big time.  I have to go poop sooooo bad right now.  However… I can’t because I am in school and I can’t go poop whenever I wan’t to.  This sucks…


One comment on “Worst part of school

  1. Wierd… i have to drop a deuce really bad right now and teacher will not let me go to the bathroom cause there is under 10 minutes left in the mod. although i only have to hold it for 10 mins til im open… its still a terrible situation i am put in.
    solid post

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