Niggaz In the NFL

As most of us just watched a very sad inspirational story from Reon Schutte yesterday about how he was giving a half a cup of rice and pooped in a corner for 13 years and cleaned it with his hands… others are Living in fame and others are Niggaz in the NFL.

Receiver sam hurd who signed with the chicago bears on a 3 year contract for 5.15 millions dollars. Just over 1.7 million  dollars a year. Has a total of 8 catches and 109 yards this season. thats 14.9 fantasy points on this year… thats pretty pathetic for making 1.7 million a year.  Next to think about… his wife and Daughter. Couple nice girls living with a NIGGA.

This nigga be stupid.. Sam hurd was currently buying 4 kilograms of cocaine ($25,000 per kilogram) per week to sell on the chicago streets, As if his 1.7 million dollar salary wasnt enough. He claims his dealer couldnt provide him with enough so wednesday afternoon he met with an accomplice in a restaurant to discuss “business” Sam hurd said he would like to buy 10 Kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana… math time.

10 kilograms and 25,000 per kilo. that is $250,000. Each pound of Mary Jane was $450. 1,000  pounds would equal to $450,000. $250,000 plus $450,000 would equal out to $700,000.  He wanted this purchase to be weekly for the streets of chicago. As he concluded business he was given 1 kilo of cocaine for the time being and said he would make arrangements to purchase. As he walked out of the restaurant he  was arrested on the spot as his “accomplice” was an ICE agent.

I bet you’re thinking… stupid nigga. Now he faces the next 4 decades behind bars. Greedy ass nigga.


2 comments on “Niggaz In the NFL

  1. To bigfin333,

    learn how to use the “continue reading” hyperlink. The lack of this link makes our website look unprofessional… especial with a story like this one. Get your act together, and learn how to write.


    P.S you story isnt bad, ITS THA TRUTH… just use that link man

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