Song Review: Ronald Regan Era

Hip Hop is currently in a state of upheaval. Legends are being replaced by up-and-comers and some legends are deteriorating (Jay-Z). With all the change, little has been constructive. Of the newbies, few represent hope for the genre of music. Kendrick Lamar epitomizes hope.

This summer, K.Dot dropped a street album, an instant classic. ‘Section.80’ mixes the characteristic lyricism of yesterday with the electronic beats of tomorrow.

Of the many classics on the album, I believe that Ronald Regan Era is the most representative of the various aspects of Kendrick’s music. Paired with an interesting rock-style hook, the quick rapping of K.Dot rivals that of Twista.

On the whole, Section.80 is the music equal of Ye’s ‘Twisted Fantasy’ save for the meaningless lyrics. I would encourage you to listen to the song and download the album. K.Dot is currently in the studio recording his album for next year.

Rating: A+

Listen here

By drinkthakoolaid Posted in Music

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