Team 200+/Team 199+/Aaron Rodgers/Made for the Streets/49’rs Defense

No senior project today!!!  So I guess I have to write this during an open mod, but oh well.  As you could tell from the title this post is about a certain fantasy team that is hanging on by their teeth for their fantasy season.

The team formerly known as team Aaron Rodgers formerly known as team made for the streets formerly known as team 200+ formerly known as team 199+ now known as team 49’rs defense dominated the whole fantasy season.  In fact this team even changed their name to team 200+ because they scored over 200 one week.  Despite some weeks breaking 200 this team isn’t scoring when it counts, in the playoffs.

The only chance for the 49’rs defense is the 49’rs defense…and also Antonio Brown.  Team 49’rs defense needs Antonio Brown to score a low amount of points and they need the 49’rs defense to put up a large amount.  Back in the day when I had the 49’rs defense they would put up around 20 a week, so we shouldn’t count out the defense for doing it’s part.  The worst part about the situation, however, is Antonio Brown, who appears to be one of the premiere receivers in the league now.

In conclusion I would also like to ask if the league manager would be so kind as to restore my score with the Chief’s team to the actual score.  I wanna win the consolation…


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