Well… few words can describe my amount of frustration right now.  After a solid performance on Sunday, Team Determination had an underdog upset just about locked up.  Things were looking poorly for the almighty Private Dave Marshall.  Then Monday Night Football happens…

It seems like Ben Rothlisburger, Antonio Brown, and the rest of the Steelers blew it.  Giving up one more turnover than points scored, allowing the 49’ers Defense to eclipse Team Determination.  My level of pissed-offedness is through the roof.  However, the blame must be focused on one group of individuals in particular: The REFS!!!  I recall a specific moment in which Antonio Brown had a fine catch over the middle of the field for about 20 yards.  The play was then taken away due to a chop block on the offense.  After seeing another replay, myself and the commentators both agreed that the defender was clearly not engaged in a block while the running back took out his legs.  If the 20 yard catch by Antonio Brown would have counted, I would have won the game.  However, I once again, get screwed by the refs like I have so many times in my life.


Although I am very bitter, I am still a man with high moral standards.  Therefore, I find it necessary to give credit where credit is due.  49ers Defense showed an incredible amount of determination against a team that is know for their determination.  It is fair to say the Team Determination was out-determined this week of fantasy football.


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