TEAM MFTS Prevails

To all the haters that doubted The team formerly known as team Aaron Rodgers formerly known as team made for the streets formerly known as team 200+ formerly known as team 199+ now known as team 49′rs defense, SUCK MY COCK. It’s bitches like you who fuel me and my players. I had a personal talk with the 49ers defense before the game and we discussed all you fools doubting us. You see what happens when you do that weak ass child’s play nonsense? My team pulls out the most epic victory in all of history, but its not about me today. It’s about the 49ers defense, and Calvin Amin. Without the two of these fantastic….defense/person, none of this would be possible. Thank you Calvin, when I win the ship, there will be an asterisk next to my name with the fact that kicked the shit out of everyone all season and then did the same in the playoffs. I’ll buy you some ice cream too  Here’s a sweet picture to commemorate my victory.

Also, Glazer, your video is inaccurate as fuck. Makes you look like some sort of bitch ass fool doubting my team. See that it is fixed you shit faced cock master.

Fuck all of you,



4 comments on “TEAM MFTS Prevails

  1. congrats on beating the 8th seed?
    congrats on scoring below me?
    congrats that the packers lost to the chiefs?
    congrats on not winning a championship in the past years?
    congrats on about to lose to Big Fin?

    would you like a medal?

    • Congrats on living in the past where half of the other fantasy owners didn’t check their teams and/or knew nothing about football and not making it to the playoffs this season. None of those things matter considering the here and now aside from the fact that I won. As if seeding matters considering the various match-ups and outcomes of scoring any given week. Once again your depression has lead to hatred of those doing better than you. Why don’t you converse amongst your fellow consolation teams about possibly taking home 9th place in the division as that is your ceiling for success.

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