5 Rappers who need to step the fuck up in 2012

By Yola Mayne


AY so in 2012 a lot of rappers stepped up, my man K.Dot shone on the seen my boy Childish gambino showed up and even that bitch Drake made some headlines (ha ha ha).  Well now its a new year and its time to see which rappers will step the fuck up in 2012.  Here are my very well reasoned opinions formed straight from the mind of a hood superstar.

1. A$AP Rocky


A$AP Rocky had a big 2011.  Went an signed a $3 Mil Deal with only 2 songs released on youtube of all places then put out a very critically acklaimed mixtape about being pretty, having gold teeth and getting high. Sound like the like to me XD .  A very successful year by anyone’s count.  Still, this nigga need to step the fuck up.  $3 mil is $1 mil more than the $2 mil that signed Drake by my count.  So let’s see an album that reflects this by being 1.5 tims as good as Drake’s album and hopefully 1.5 time less emotional.

2. T.I.

This nigga just need to stay out of jail.

3. Yung Smokeout

This nigga need to drop an album on the real i be fiendin for it eva since he drop that SS IMC freestyle, fuck, that i been fiendin for it eva since Cocoa Beach.

4. XV

On a real note XV is about to blow up.  Coming to Omaha on January 22, anyone want to go?  I think Scru Face Jean is opening too.

5. Rick Ross

Ricky Rozay literally need to step up…the stairs.  He so fuckin fat plus he black so he at risk for heart disease and all that shit already.  Last year he had seizures and shit cause of his fat, so at this point its either lose weight or die.  And if he dies then he might get all that Pac and Biggie martyr shit, can’t let that happen.  And if he die then he can’t make any more music and snowman win the beef. SO ITS A TRIPLE WIN




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