Bathroom Upkeep

So… I was sitting in the IMC and needed to poop.  

Not a problem… I’ll just go to the bathroom. However, the first three bathrooms I went to were unpoopable.  Some of the reasons were poop in the toilets, water (I hope) on the ground, and lack of power to the lights.  Although these are serious problems, I will place most of the fault on the students.  After my decent poop, I go to wash my hands.  This is where I get really upset.  THERE IS NO SOAP IN THE BATHROOM.  It is not that they are out of soap, there is just no dispenser in the bathroom.  Why in the name of Jackie Estee is there no soap in a bathroom?!?!?! And this is not a new problem.  There hasn’t been soap in there for probably a month.  The blame falls directly on the staff of Westside High School.  Get a soap dispenser, and put some soap in the bathroom so I can wash my hands after I poop.


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