Most Disappointing Rap Artists of All Time

Everyone is familiar with the one hit wonders that are often associated with the pop genre, but not everyone is aware of the vast number of one hit wonders in the rap game.

In fact, the very nature of rap music allows for untalented people to create popular songs. Because rhyming words together requires practice and little talent, many an artist has struck it rich with a few 16s.

The following list includes some of the most prominent of the aforementioned artists. While many of them come from recent years, the trend continues through history. Enjoy the list below and be sure to comment with your suggestions.

Young Dro

When Dro came out with “Shoulder Lean” on our nation’s birthday in 2006, it was an instant hood classic. The single helped to set the stage and provide the recipe for many future Dirty South one hit wonders: a creative concept + a T.I. Hook. Not to put down T.I. but it seems as if his label-mates can only succeed when they are spoon-fed chorus’ by their boss. To Young Dro’s credit, his one hit did provide the momentum necessary for a very average album to reach 3rd on the Billboard Top 100 and 1st on the US Rap Charts. Who ever knew that a punkin’ monkeys and arm and hammer propaganda would get a mediocre artist so far?


I can remember, in detail, the first time I heard “This Is Why I’m Hot.” When the song appeared on XM radio on the way to a Sunday night predator league game, I was taken it back by the straight-forward rhyme schemes and excessive piggybacking shown by Mims.¬†While Young Dro showed the ability to rhyme many words within the same line, Mims seemed very elementary in his delivery. As a result, his album sold a disappointing low number of copies. As Rolling Stone said, “Mims just can’t carry a full album.” Couldn’t agree more.


2005 marked the origin of the group D4L. During their debut year, they made the charts suggesting that females ‘shake their laffy taffy.’ Signed to Ice Age, the label owned by Jim Jones, no one could have expected much out of the ATLians not named Outkast or Ludacris, but the huge flop of D4L was certainly unexpected. Actually, while the aforementioned artists managed to continue making music, D4L retired as a group after the less-than-satisfactory reception of their album.


Of the artists on this list J-Kwon is, in my mind, the most disappointing flop of the bunch. With his hit song “Tipsy,” J-Kwon showed a great deal of potential. Released at a time where impeccable beats were a precursor for success, “Tipsy” blew up with one of the most basic beats of any top song.

Daniel Powder

Yes, I know, Daniel Powder is by no means a rap artist however, he was played on many rap radio stations. Somehow his very homosexual rendition of “Bad Day” got to the hearts of rap fiends and innocent mothers alike. Looking at the audience, Powder failed each of his target groups miserably. When innocent mothers realized that their song was listened to by black people, they disowned it and when hip hop fans realized that it was overwhelmingly gay, they decided to stop listening. This conflict left Daniel Powder without a fan base. Since his jump onto the scene, he has faded into oblivion.

Lil’ Flip

When “Game Over” came out in the early 2000s, the Houston-based rapper basically introduced the world to swag. By chanting his name repeatedly throughout the song, Flip pompously took the radio by storm. While the song was fire and marked the first song to include sound effects from Mrs. Pacman, his album went on to be disappointing. However, the hipster in me wants to make sure to remind everyone that I own “You Gotta Feel Me”… CLEAN.

MC Serch

When MC Serch teamed up with Vanilla Ice to make “Pop Goes The Weasel,” it was evident that rap was moving in the wrong direction. The song climbed up the charts but MC Serch did not stay in listeners hearts. Without an album to his name, he may go down as THE most disappointing artist. He did however, discover the Queensbridge prodigy: NaS. I suggest a name change to MC Search.

Bishop Lamont

I can honestly claim that I introduced Westside High School to Bishop Lamont. Freshman year, Bishop was the talk of the streets. Holding an Aftermath deal, Bishop was given the keys to success. The Confessional, an album-worthy mixtape, marks what could have been. The subsequent “Grow Up” was good enough to find its way onto Nick Seline’s iPod, a success in its own right. Even more, Bishop Lamont was rumored to be the #2 on Dr. Dre’s Detox album for a time but, then again, who wasn’t rumored for that spot.

Lil B

When “Vans” came out, Lil B was the face of the bay-area movement. With a relatively new style of beat, “Vans” brought the hyphe movement to the streets of the Big O. Leading off the song was none other than Lil B. Since the disbanding of The Pack, each artist has gone on to do solo work but none has been as successful as Lil B. With this being said, Lil B is a TERRIBLE rapper.


Like I said, let me know if you have any suggestions.

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