Euro Large Group

I find myself siting in AP European History large group right now and I have decided that this semester I will be writing two Tainted articles per week.  One during Euro large group and one during Senior Project.

Some people might say, “Aminmachine, it is nearly impossible to write articles of the quality we have come to expect from you twice a week!”  To that I respond by saying that while this new strategy will test the borders of my writing creativity and ability I will continue to write quality articles for the sake of all of my fans.

The only thing I’m going to write about this week is my amazing fantasy football playoff picks from this last week.  I had Arian Foster, who scored 30+, I had Andre Johnson, who scored 20, and most importantly I drafted Tim Tebow, who scored 30+.  The best part about my Tim Tebow pick is that I got him in the last round.  I must admit I wasn’t expecting 34 points from Tebow, but I deserve some credit for having the confidence in Tebow, which allowed me to take better wide receivers and running backs.  My strategy was able to place Team Aminmachine into first place and allows me to choose my draft spot for this weeks draft.


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