Earlier this evening, I decided to see what would come up on google if I typed in “taintit wordpress.” Although I was expecting nothing from my search, my curiosity was rewarded 

First, as I scrolled through the mentions of our URL, I discovered that an author on another site enjoyed my creative, false trash talk video.

Next, as I continued to search, I was relieved to see that the second highest ranked page for those searching for Jeff Schmid belongs to our site. In return for this publicity, I suggest that Mr. Schmid offers us a lifetime supply of Chick-Fil-A.

Third, guess what happens if you search “Tim Tebow Muscles” on Yahoo en Español? You guessed it! Someone who made such a search would be led to Tainted.

While I didn’t find any direct evidence of this during my google search, prior statistics suggest that if one was to search “Sam Hurd Dumb N***er,” they would find their way to Tainted. Thank you Big Fin.

Finally, the most entertaining discovery was a post on a Nebraska Basketball Forum. As a status update, a man posted… well, just take a look at the status and subsequent response below.

Needless to say, we are certainly achieving our objective. KEEP WRITING!!!


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