The Fake Gay Theory

I would first like to start off this article by saying that in no way do I dislike homosexuals.  I am fine with people being gay and it does not make me like them any more or less.  However, over the last few years I have observed something very groundbreaking: The Fake Gay Theory.

Im sure we have all seen it before: a gay guy (or gay acting guy) that gets way more attention from the ladies than any straight guy could ever get.  He hangs out with them all the time and is pretty much one of the girls.  It is a known fact that girls (especially hot ones) like few things more that a gay guy.  However, what if some of these men aren’t actually gay?  What if it is just a plot in order to get with women.  This is what I like to call The Fake Gay Theory.

This is how it works: a straight man pretends to be gay in order to become accepted and established within the female community.  That way, he gets to hang around very attractive women.  He learns their feelings, what they like, how they think. He almost becomes one of them.  In some cases, just hanging around attractive women is good enough.  However, many times this is not enough.  The Fake Gay will often seize the right opportunity and get some pussy.  Since the man knows almost all there is to know about women, he knows exactly when and how to “go in for the kill”.

For example, I would like to point you to a famous movie titled, “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”.  I know this is a movie, but the same logic applies.  In the movie, Chuck pretends to be gay and starts hanging out with a very fine lady (Jessica Biel).  They become very good friends because she thinks he is gay.  The hot lawyer eventually begins to like Chuck sexually, all because he pretended to be gay.

Now for the sake of being a good person, I will not say any names of people that I know who could potentially be Fake Gay.  Although, I encourage you to keep your eye out for this and you will realize that there could be quite a lot of truth behind The Fake Gay Theory.


5 comments on “The Fake Gay Theory

  1. This is very insightful. I have also seen this concept in motion and would like to add that often times the “fake” goes in for the kill when alcohol is involved, seems to work every time. Also it is Biel, she’s just too sexy to spell her name wrong.

  2. This is quality journalism that Taintit should be proud of. I am interested to see how understanding of the Fake Gay Theory changes now that it is more widespread.

  3. I would have to agree with your logic on this one. These types of “boys” are pussies. They resort to acting gay because they have absolutely no game and most likely very small penis’. If one has to resort to acting like a gay person to hang out with women they should be ashamed. Who the fuck wants to hang out with women all the time just to get a drunk kiss and maybe a half jibber? That would be hell. Grow some balls and develop some game and start getting some pussy suited for men.

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