Ping Pong Tournament Predictions

As many people know, the Westside High School Ping Pong Open tournament is entering the actual bracket stage this week.  The tournament this year has more contenders this year than I have ever witnessed in a ping pong tournament before, it’s going to be intense.

I am well known for my ping pong skills, so I am inherently good at making ping pong predictions.  In this article I will be analyzing some of the more interesting first round matches.

Jacob Lehr vs. Oliver Rockman:  This is an interesting matchup because Jacob is obviously superior to Oliver however, they are good friends, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Oliver kept this close and maybe even get a win.  It would be the win of the century.  In reality, Jacob wins.

Jacob wins 21-9

Pat Hawk vs. Dylan Harlow:  Pat has been talking trash to Dylan for some time now so hopefully he will be able to defeat her.  Neither is a real threat to win the tourney though, sorry guys…

Pat wins 21-18

Calvin Amin vs. Marc Cubrich: Calvin Amin is bound to win this one with his amazing skills.  He has a good command of his shots, which mix perfectly with his expert slam shots.  I really hope he wins the whole tournament

Calvin wins 21-10

Max Lawlor vs. Hope Lawlor: Siblings crash in this interesting battle of wills.  Max has a wide variety of shots that he can use but Hope has loads of determination.  This one is almost too close to call.

Max wins 24-22

I’m tired of writing, so I deem the rest of the first round matches insignificant.


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