Art/ Literature

The best form of expressing one’s self in a very obscure location…

My entire life, I have always been intrigued by a certain kind of art/ literature. No its not in nature… not on the internet… and it will never be found in an art gallery… This amazing and intriguing art can be found only where you do your business. Bathroom wall/ stall writings and drawings are great for entertaining, informing and even collecting data. There is nothing better while dropping your load then reading some high quality bathroom writings. It makes me feel tremendously good to read over and over that multiple people want to “Fuck Me”. Also great quotes like “If your reading this, touch your balls,” give me a chuckle every time. It’s also nice to catch up on the latest gossip about people. One author wrote “I Fucked Taylor K” and two others commented on his post say they also indulged in the festivities. I can always count on the bathroom to update me on some crazy happenings. Last year one student at Westside was actually collecting data utilizing the great tool of the bathroom stall. It was a poll on who preferred cigarettes opposed to weed. Me being an avid cigar smoker, added a third important column to his research entitled “cigars” and I respectively left my checkmark. Whenever I am in the bathroom at the urinal and have a pen handy, I usually try to leave something for other viewers to read after me. I still have one post up from last year that reads “Pat Is A Ginger”, “Payne Is A Monkey,” and my most recent post, “Stop Touching Yourself. Today I noticed two other outstanding additions to the bathroom by the activity gym which read, “Jacob Koester sucked my dick 3 times” and “Pat Coyle likes getting railed by Andrew Zimmerman.” Ha! Great stuff anonymous poster. So to all you Tainter’s out there, here’s a call to action… If you have a little extra time and a pen handy, spread this custom among bathroom rebels and leave a little ink for the next person to enjoy.


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