2nd semester senior year… wow it sure has gone fast. Personally my favorite part of the past years has been visualizing ridiculousness. Lotta stupid kids out there. Back in Freshman or sophomore year I felt the need to take Welding. Welding had a wide variety of kids. Mainly Males which sets up for some great SMH (Shakin my head) moments. 

I was in my 80 minute welding class with my mask, gloves, and torch melting medal as we did everyday. I was sub par… but that is besides the point. It was a Tuesday before lunch… I was hungry for food and entertainment.  Unfortunately I don’t remember the kids name but he asked Bombac to go to the bathroom. About 7 minutes later Jim the bouncer walks in and I felt the need to tune in. Jim asked Bombac if any students had gone to the bathroom recently. (bathroom by senior lot doors. The one with terrible lighting). Bombac told him yes and pointed out the student. He was then takin to the office. I was damn concerned what happened in the bathroom. So I too went to the bathroom. I walk in to see the Tile wall smashed all over the ground. This particular student took a chipping hammer from the welding room into the bathroom and smashed the walls. I stood in the bathroom… stared at the wall and was SMH.

I am interested in hearing other similar instances that will make me SMH. Lets hear it Tainted authors.


3 comments on “SMH

  1. I had quite the SMH moment in Humanities last semester. A very intimidating looking young man whose name I never knew was sitting in a small group distributed by the great Mrs. Spisak and suddenly another young lady commented that the kid was in the group she was supposed to be in. So obviously Spisak just politely asked if the boy could move seats, the boy had clearly woken up on the wrong side of the bed and flat out refused to move. Spisak repeated herself this time a tad bit more forcefully, and yet again the kid refused. Eventually after long periods of awkward silence and repeated denied requests of the teacher, the dude was sent to the office… because he wouldn’t get out of his seat and move groups. He had no reason to want to be in the group he was in considering none of his weird friends were in the group. He just didn’t want to stand up. SMH.

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