Counterpoint: Not Giving a SHIT

Ok hombres, for the sake of truth and justice i’ll correct a few of the inaccuracies in the story previously posted by the big homie Joebabymama by telling it again from my viewpoint and with slightly less profanity. So I was sitting in my drafting class, (talk about an SMH moment, why the fuck did I take drafting?), when Ahmit James saunters into the classroom 3 minutes late walking slowly with earbuds in, per usual.

This time however, Mr. Ratliff was having a bad day, probably due to lack of donuts and he called out “Ahmit, why are you late?”  Then Luke Schuler unnecessarily, but funnily butted in from across the room saying Ahmit had been late to his class the previous mod as well.

Everything was quiet as all eyes were on Ahmit.  I removed my earbuds, which I usually never did in that class, because when I did I had to listen to and actually interact with the stupid shits in that class.  Ahmit removed his earbuds as well, looked Mr. Ratliff in the eyes and calmly stated “You ever have one of those weeks, when you just don’t give a shit?”  Then he sat down and class began, no further comments from Mr. Ratliff.

For some reason this made me respect Ahmit a lot more.  Unfortunately he was dropped from the class for too many absences just a few weeks later, which limited my contact with him.  Still, he is a funny motherfucker and I have plenty of stories regarding his time in Architecture class and his short stint on the Cross Country team before he was kicked off for getting caught smoking weed.

Hasta el próximo tiempo,



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