New Music Leak: DECAstar

Hot off the wire, local rap group Too Far Boyz recently leaked a single. DECAstar, a song sampling Trapstar by Young Jeezy hit the streets just minutes ago.

Released on the group’s official soundcloud account, DECAstar acts as a promotion for Marketing 2, the greatest class at Westside. While the song was met with critical acclaim, pleasing many Marketing sections, the Too Far Boyz themselves are quite unimpressed by their own efforts.

“You know, we was just fuckin’ around in tha studio and decided to drop some dope shit,” says Lil’ Clip. “I mean, DECAstar was decent but it ain’t shit compared to ‘School’s Out.’ That’s going to be some trill shit, ya feel me?”

According to Too Far Records representatives, “School’s Out” should be released in the next few months. Whether or not DECAstar is a full-fledged effort or not, it certainly provides several quote-worthy bars.

“Our return on investments is over 9000” – Lil Clip

“Everyone wins with DECA except Bellevue East” – Lil Clip

“Posin’ on the stage for the camera lens, because when it comes to DECA everybody wins” – Yola Mayne

“If you think you on top no way José” – Yola Mayne

“On to internationals, party in Salt Lake” – Krispy Kreme

“Westside been going hard since DECA Dick” – Krispy Kreme

Check out the song on soundcloud. Be sure to check out School’s Out when it drops. More details to come.

By drinkthakoolaid Posted in Music

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