Oh Shit!

As the theme for these past few days of tainted has been one of story telling I have decided to bring another category to the table, some classic “Oh Shit” moments, as learned in Marketing. (I’m not talking about an Oliver “Oh Shit” moment that makes absolutely no sense).So to begin with this story takes place on a gloomy night in which some of my friends and I were discussing whether or not to go to IHOP. The group came to a consensus that we would go, however I wasn’t really feeling IHOP at the moment because I wanted to go get my nut! Can’t blame a kid can ya? Well the group was a little upset and later on in the night decided to take a picture of all their uneaten food with their middle fingers in the picture, knowing my agitation towards wasted food. Well this picture really  got my goat so I decided to give them a goat of their own (actually a brain) So I snapped a quick picture of my nutsac with my phone and sent it to several of the group members. A few minutes later I received a text from my amigo Chachi stating his bitty on the side, Sophie, had in fact read the text for him while he was driving…. “OH SHIT”. She saw my balls. AND I NEVER GOT MY NUT! damn.


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