Large Groups

Today Mod 89 as me and 230 other students went to Comp large group I thought “Hmm, a lot of friends of mine will be in here. Could be decent.” Couldnt have been more wrong. I’ve been in a lot of different large groups and today I experienced the most brutal one of them all. 

As I enter the massive Lecture Hall of Westside High School, Room 220. I quickly remembered that I was in seat 5… Front mufudgin row. As thoughts erupt in my head such as… “What did I do to deserve this?” “Did I already get in trouble?” “Shit this isn’t about dirty fart i let go in class the first day is it?” Numerous possibilities on why I was punished scattered throughout my mind until i realized “nahh its probably random.” Lets be honest, we all devote the first two minutes of a new large group to understand our surroundings. Who is in front of me, behind me, to my left, to my right. most importantly what teacher is going to be on lockdown of my area. Well today I spent 40 minutes doing that. I’ve been blessed with having whom ever is giving the lecture that day be the eyes on my area. Teachers giving the lecture always find things much more rude than they actually are.  40 straight minutes I didn’t hear one voice besides a teacher. It was dead in there. Not even the squeaks of the chairs made noise.  I was real upset about this and had to let you all know this. Off topic. That Lecture Hall is pretty top notch… Except the chairs. Too difficult to get in and out of just to sit down.


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