Copy Cats

original |əˈrijənl|adjective- created directly and personally by a particular artist; not a copy or imitation

One quality that I think is important is originality.  In today’s society, I see many things lacking originality and all I can do is shake my head.  Two examples that easily come to mind are that YMCA team that not only copied our jerseys a few years ago but also imitated our humorous numbering system, and the Papillion La Vista Student section, whose default response to everything was a very poorly enunciated “scoreboard, scoreboard”.  One area in which originality and creativity is extremely important is when determining ones rapper name.  A good rapper name is a way to be remembered and is essential to success in the industry, especially for a rapper who cannot rely on his talent to do that for him.  When coming up with a rap name, here are two things that should be avoided AT ALL COSTS:

1. Using the name of a copyrighted, extremely well known donut restaurant. For example:

2.  Using the name of another rap artist or group of rap artists.

Creativity is a talent which is dwindling, yet it is not hard to make a memorable rap name.  Simple changes could be made to poor names to make them elite, two of my personal favorites are Krispy Kremer and Syntacks. While the changes are subtle, the significance  is not. smfh be more damn original.  Copy Cats=Dead Cats


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