Ghetto Kids 25 XC Bball 18 (Recap)

This past monday a very heated matchup occured between two teams of world-class caliber and it was quite a game.  That game was played between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Golden State Warriors.  There was also a game between the Cross Country intramural basketball team and the Ghetto black kids intramural basketball team.  This article is about the latter game.  Cross Country started out hoping to rebound from their recent 41-25 loss to Team Mohamed in which they were down by 12 before they scored.  This match started out very different as when they first scored they were only down 4 to the Ghetto black kids.  The cross country starting line-up consisted of no player over 5′ 10″ and only one over 5′ 8″.   Surprisingly, they held their own despite getting possibly one out of every 15 rebounds due to the fact that despite being great at driving to the hole, the Ghetto black kids couldn’t have performed worse at shooting if it was a Reading Comprehension Test (editor’s note: redacted, low blow).  

When the Cross Country subs, including by far their best player, our very own Chachi Ramos entered the game the Ghetto black kids were only up 5.  Through his array of post moves and the continued horrendous passes and shots by the Ghetto black kids Chachi managed to score 8 points and get Cross Country back to within 2 by halftime.  Despite trash talking and being general assholes to the rest of the team, the Ghetto Black kids respected Chachi and his signature short shorts, only making one comment to him about his sexuality.

After halftime, Chachi took another break and due to the ineptitude of the rest of cross country, they were soon down by 9.  Even when he came in, the lead could not be cut as the ghetto black kids somehow made a couple threes, even the fat kid with man tits made one.  Also Chachi was forced to dribble due to the lack of dribbling experience by the rest of Cross Country.  All of you on the Park know that you might as well ask Paula Deen to use margarine when you ask Chachi to successfully dribble up the court.  Despite the efforts of expert ref MoseSchrute and the multiple technicals he called on the Ghetto black team (though they deserved at least 10) Cross Country still lost by 7.

You can see cross country in action again next monday.  If we play Team Hogan please go easy on us.  Seriously, it won’t be fun we are so bad.  Plus the our average team member is roughly 5′ 8″, 120 pounds.


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