The Superbowl

As many of you know the Superbowl is only about a week and a half away and I know you are all excited for the great matchup.  The two teams have fought hard throughout the season, but only one can be champion.

The matchup this year between the Aminmachines and the Marshallmachines is destined to be a battle of epic proportions.  The Aminmachines scored the most points in two out of the three playoff weeks and will get to choose which draft pick they would like to take first.  The Marshallmachines, on the other hand, have been in this situation before and are unlikely to come out as flat as they did last year.

The winner of this intense showdown will receive $160, but more importantly they will receive bragging rights until the end of time.  It is important to note that in the regular season the Aminmachines finished in second to last place with the Marshallmachines winning the regular season.  It would seem the turn tables have turned, however, for the aminmachines as they have made it to the championship of the playoffs, a.k.a. the superbowl.  My prediction is that the Aminmachines pull off the monumental upset, 97-93.


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