Crazy ass dream

My most memorable dream happened a few years back. It was middle of the day. sun at its peak and me and my good ol’ buddy marty were on a grassy hill. Almost like the grasslands in the teletubbies if you remember dat shit. Off in the distance was a massive white shed. Not knowing what was in there we went to go check it out… We were far unprepared.

thousands of mexicans fighting. Knives, Swords, Punches, kicks, and spicks. ┬áBeing a dream I felt the need to take part. As did marty. Marty being far weaker than me in my dream… he died pretty quickly. R.I.P. marty. I somehow wound up face down on the ground and as i rolled over a dirty mustached mexican takes a dagger right into my shoulder. I remember waking up with a tiny bit of pain in my shoulder and holding my breath as if i were dying… crazy shit.

Instead of writing a new post. Ill just put dream #2 in this same post. About 2 or 3 weeks ago i had this peculiar dream that I was in a hotel pool area. Really small pool and outside of the pool was slick wet ground… My good pal Alex and I were in the pool. Alex has some pretty good speed and in my dream i was envious of this. I asked him to race, not just running but out of the pool over the slippery ground meaning lightness of your feet would matter a lot. Thought this was for sure going to be a victorious match for me… as we both race out of the water onto the slippery ground. My legs were pretty much paralyzed. As alex running at very fast speed I was moving in slow motion… literally. Like a movie. I was in slow motion and alex had won the race by the time I took 4 strides… I was pissed. no lie.


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