Crazy-Ass Dreams

In a world full of work and repetition, it is hard to escape from the every day grind of life.  However, as we lay our heads on our pillow and drift off to sleep, this is one of the only true times to let go of life and enter a totally new world of fantasy, the world of dreams.

In a dream, pretty much anything can happen.  In a dream, things make sense that would never make sense in real life.  Let me give you an example of the dream I had last night.  So I remember in part of it, I was back in time in the Himalayan Mountains.  Some old Chinaman had invented a early form of a plane that was more like a hang-glider but could travel anywhere.  I remember flying through the cold, snowy mountains to different cities that had been erected in the mountains.  Then, I remember being back in regular time (sort of).  I was at Jessie’s house and she had two dogs.  I had a bone in my hand, but dogs in the world had never had bones before.  I fed it to one of the dogs and it went absolutely nuts!! Then the dog got really mean.  A bit later, the crazy-ass dog came over to me and put its arms around me like it was going to hump me (I hate when dogs hump me).  However, it picked me up and threw me out the window!!! I was like HOLY SHIT!!! and then I woke up.

I now encourage all of you to try to remember your dreams and then post your crazy-ass dreams on tainted.


2 comments on “Crazy-Ass Dreams

  1. One time I had a dream where I was kidnapped on a pirate ship, but I was able to steal one of the pirates swords and I fought all of the pirates. In the end I killed all of the pirates and commandeered the ship. I’m a beast.

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